Let’s Talk Championships: EAST vs. WEST

To me, there are two fundamental factors that differentiates the good teams and the great teams. Sure, some teams win a few championships here and there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are great teams.  The best teams win multiple championships and leave behind legacies.  There are only a select few in each sport.

So the real questions here, is who has the best teams in all of professional sports? There is certainly no denying that the East coast has their fair-share of hall of fame players and legendary teams, but I’m here to argue that the West coast can stand toe to toe with the East in this regard.  The best way to determine who has the edge is to compare the best teams from the three primietime sports: baseball, football, and basketball.

In football, the Pittsburg Steelers hold the title for most super bowls, with 6.  Out West you have the 49ers with 5.  One could argue that these teams are comparable because each teams winning percentage in the big game is quite similar, with the 49ers at .833 with a record of 5-1, and the Steelers at .075 with a 6-2 record. In my opinion, this one’s a draw. What these teams did in the 70’s and 80’s has yet to be matched, and they stand alone in the category of best football teams.

Basketball has a similar story.  Lakers come in a close second to the Celtics with 16 and 17 championships respectively.  The kicker here, however, is that LA has been in the championship a total of ten more times then Boston!!  To me the winner is clear here.

Unfortunately, not much can be said in defense of baseball.  There isn’t a team close to the Yankees, who have a total of 27 World Series titles.  I do think it is worth mentioning here, that what the San Francisco Giants and Las Angeles Dodges lack in championships—when compared to the Yankees– they more than make up for in history and hall of famers.   What do you guys think? From the big three (NFL, MLB, and NBA), who has the best teams, the east coast or west coast??? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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