AL West – Are the Angels the best team in the AL?

Looking at a rundown of the AL West rosters and you are instantly drawn to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the same ones that swooped up Josh Hamilton for a cool $125 million this winter after already doling out a $240 million dollar contract with arguably the games best hitter – Albert Pujols – last December. So pencil those two in for at least 60 home runs this year.

Owner Arte Moreno understands that you have to invest in the teams infrastructure in order to sustain success. An organization has to develop AND spend in order to annually contend – especially considering the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately attitude that dominates the game. This winter’s fire sale of the Marlins showed just how devastating bad management can be to a fan base. Patience is no longer an option. So after finishing second to the A’s in a brutal stretch at the end of the season, the Angels went out and had a giant winter that included the acquisition of Tommy Hanson – a personal sleeper pick for me – who is coming off am injury-plagued 2012 that saw him regress. He has the potential to be an above-average major league starter and joins a rotation that already boasts Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson. Expect big things to come on both sides of the ball

This team has pitching, hitting, speed and power – all for like the next eternity in terms of baseball contracts – so please take a seat and enjoy the show. We’re going to be here for a while. I think Mr. Moreno sent a message that he wants to win; that he is dedicated to Southern California and bringing a championship to Anaheim or LA or whatever it is, and that we can do battle with the AL East boys any day.

But all the credit can’t go to the money spent on free agency and the person who signs off on the paycheck. We’re going to spread the love to the scouting department as well. Fans were witness to one of the best rookie seasons in all of Major League history when Mike Trout showed us what all of the scouts have been talking about – a true five-tool player – who is expected to continue on his development as a Major League Star. Another one?  How about Mark Trumbo. People forget about the 32 home-runs that he hit last year.

Read it out loud:

Albert Pujols

Josh Hamilton

Mike Trout

CJ Wilson

Jered Weaver

Mark Trumbo

Tommy Hanson

Ride ‘em into November.

Vegas has them as a seven-to-one odds to win the World Series – second only to the Nationals who have a legitimate shot to win it all as well.

What’s your bet?


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