The NL West is the New AL East.

Let’s get real here; Americans love to hate certain teams in sports.  In football, it’s the Cowboys.  In basketball, it’s the Lakers.  And for much of baseball’s history it’s been the Yankees.  Nowadays, however, that has all changed. The Los Angeles Dodgers have become America’s new team to hate (well guess what America—I’ve always hated them).

To me, this makes perfect sense.  As I mentioned in a previous post, power is shifting to the West–especially in baseball.  The East no longer has a stronghold on the media’s attention and people are becoming more interested in West Coast teams than ever before.  With great power, comes great responsibility (and haters for that matter).

If you’re a baseball fan and your team didn’t play in the AL East, I’d be willing to bet there is a good chance you hated that division—in particular, the Yankees and Red Sox. Traditionally speaking, teams in the AL East dominate headlines, acquire best talent, and win multiple championships.

The NL West has won two out of the last three championships and now boasts the league’s largest payroll.  As this division continues to grow it will garner more media exposure, which will eventually get under the skin of fans from competing divisions and lead to hatred (or jealousy).  So, will America eventually hate the NL West like they have the AL East?  I’d say yes!

If America is looking for a villain, they have one in the Dodgers.  Just as with the Yankees, American’s don’t necessarily appreciate the big spenders (unless you’re a fan of that team).  And if America is just tired of the same team winning it all, they can be assured that the Giants will be a contender for the foreseeable future in that regard.  To me, all the ingredients are there for America to end up hating the NL West.  Another way to think of it is the Dodgers are the new Yankees and the Giants are the new Red Sox.  What do you guys think?? Do you think America will end up despising the West like they do the East now?  Feel free to leave your comments.


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