Watching ESPN Can Be a Tough Task for West Coast Sports Fans

The San Francisco Giants have taken baseball’s top spot for two out of the last three years.  Both times, beating a media proclaimed “unbeatable” team from the East in the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers.  As a Giants fan, I cant tell you how frustrating it is to watch networks like ESPN and MLB cover the Giants.  Even when the Giants were up 3-1 and 3-0 in each World Series respectively, the geniuses at both networks couldn’t explain how the Giants could dominate these east coast juggernauts.

I can confidently say that I heard every excuse in the book during those few weeks— everything from a long lay-off, to the cold weather playing a role in the Giant’s victories.  Not one analysis gave the Giants credit for continuing to win over and over, and refused to give in to the inevitable fact that the Giants were simply a better team—better bullpen, better leadership, better chemistry, better defense, better starting pitchers, better coaching, etc, etc.  I can go on all day.

How is it possible that what the Giants did last season wasn’t more of a media spectacle? In 2010, the Giant’s theme was “torture”—taking every game down to the last out. In 2012, the Giants took that to the next level facing 6 elimination games in two playoff series—a MLB record best.  If you love sports, to watch the Giants run last year was truly magical.  They found themselves with their backs against the wall time and time again, yet always seemed to find a way to win the games they needed to the most.

Sadly, in much of the country, this fairy-tale story went unnoticed.  While the Giants played their hearts out, the media’s focus was on the ALCS—which in comparison was a terrible series to watch. The Tigers sent the Yankees packing in a series sweep and yet the media couldn’t help themselves but to declare them “unbeatable”. According to them, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, and Justin Verlander could not be denied a championship.  Well, what about Buster Posey, Matt Cain, Marco Scutaro, Bruce Bochy, and Pablo “the Panda” Sandoval??  Fortunately for Giants fans like myself, these experts were dead wrong and Giants sit atop of Major League Baseball once again.

Aren’t the people on these networks supposed to be unbiased?? Sure doesn’t seem that way to me.  Have you noticed any biased reporting in the major sports outlets like ESPN?? Feel free to air your grievances here.  Until next time, follow me on twitter for West Coast updates @JCConway1.


2 thoughts on “Watching ESPN Can Be a Tough Task for West Coast Sports Fans

  1. The people who had watched the Giants both years during the season weren’t that surprised. Mostly west coast media. It’s a shame that such a colorful and vastly talented team goes so unnoticed. Great blog.

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