Once Again, the East Will Outspend the West– But in the end, the West Spends the Best

SeahawksIt’s no surprise that the East is slated to outspend the West this free-agency season in the NLF. What is surprising, however, is who the “experts” think will make the best decision in terms of free-agency money allocation.  But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at how the East Coast traditionally spends their money—any sport will do.  What do the Yankees, Eagles, Jets, and even the Cowboys have in common?? Well, for one thing, they consistently spend outside the average for their respective industry. What else do they have in common?? As of late, they haven’t been very successful in bring home the big one—I’m talking about championships of course. Sure, they are sometimes competitive, but apparently not enough..

It seems that in today’s professional sports world of salary caps, payroll restrictions, and player turnover, less is more.  According to a USA Today article, 9 out the NFL’s top 10 free agency spenders will be from the East—with Seattle being the one exception.  Shocker, right? Not really. This happens year in and year out. For many years the NFL’s biggest spenders have been the Cowboys, the Eagles, and the Jets. We all saw how the New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas’ big acquisitions panned out out last year—they didn’t.

It’s been proven time and time again in professional sports that you CANNOT buy a championship team in the offseason—especially through free agency (see the Yankees as another example). To win in the NFL today it takes a complete team effort and no team owner can accommodate for that with a huge checkbook—I’m talking to you Jerry Jones. What these teams need is a leader—in other words a coach—and a talented general manager who sees talent where others don’t.

Teams from the West have thrived on this model for years.  For example, over the past few free agency seasons the San Francisco 49ers have acquired their fair share of free agents, but without breaking the bank. This has left the Niners with plenty of Cap room to spend money on their money maker—defense. No one player is over paid on that staff and egos are kept in check in order to maintain a team mentality. The Oakland A’s, SF Giants, Seattle Seahawks (excluding this year), and Golden State Warriors have also done well with this method.  Can you name more then one or two big money free-agent acquisitions from these teams?? Probably not. Yet they somehow manage to be competitive and in the Giants case, win championships.

Many experts this year already have the Seahawks, Chiefs, 49ers and Broncos—all of which are West Coast teams (KC is in the AFC West)—scoring highest in terms of free agency acquisitions.  In my opinion, the 49ers, Broncos, and Seahawks are all viable teams to win the super bowl this year. So does this prove that the West is better with their money? Perhaps it does.. What do you guys think? I’d love hear what you have to say.  Leave comments below or find me on Twitter @JCConway1

Picture Credit: www.nflrush.com



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