Will the NFC West Be the NFL’s Best in 2013??

nfc_west_teamsJust over a year ago the NFC West was considered the NFL’s worst division. Today, the NFC West is a force to be reckoned with and it is continuously getting better. Look at how the West did last post season.  One could argue that Seattle and San Francisco were the most dangerous teams in last year’s tournament. No one wanted to face Seattle—especially at CentryLink in Seattle, and the 49ers did their thing at home and on the road giants 2 great teams.  Now that the NFC West has officially arrived, how will the division do in 2013??

In my opinion, this division will be the best in all of football this coming season—take that NFC East!!  There are multitudes of reason why I believe this, but I only want to focus on a few key indicators. In short, the West will be the best because of defense, coaching, and young talent.

Just about every team in this division has a solid defense.  Obviously, the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the league and the Seahawks is not far behind—but many people overlook the Cardinals and Rams defensive staff.  All teams have a talented line-backing core and attack opposing quarterbacks with a vengeance.  Furthermore, Seattle has one of the best defensive backs crew in the whole league—Richard Sherman is annoying but he’s a talented ball payer. Flying out West to play any of these teams is a tall task for opposing offenses.

As far as coaching goes, the NFC West has a mix of young enthusiastic coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll, as well as savvy veteran coaches like Jeff Fisher from St Louis.  Both coaching styles get the most out of their athletes and players seem to respond to their coaches more than others around the league. Unlike the blockbuster, mega payroll teams like the Giants, Cowboys, and the Eagles, the NFC West coaches focus on team, team, team—and then after that, they focus on team a bit more.  The team atmosphere that is becoming pervasive in the West pays off in close games and gives West Coast teams an advantage—winning close games could provide an edge in wild card and division races and increase the chances of two NFC West teams playing in the playoffs .

Finally, the NFC West is home to some of football’s most promising star athletes.  Kaepernick, Wilson, Willis, Fitzgereald, and Bradford are some of the best in the bizz and will continue to mature and make their teams better.  The credit here is due to the general managers and scouting operations within each team.  Over the past 5 years the NFC West has made serious strides in evaluating the right players, for the right situations, on the right team.  This will continue to payoff and help build even stronger foundations for NFC West teams in the future.

What do you guys think?? What division will be the best in the NFL this season??

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