San Francisco Knows How to do Baseball

IMG_1477San Francisco knows how to put on a show—that’s for sure.  I was lucky enough to attend today’s San Francisco Giants games against the St Louise Cardinals–the team the Giants beat in the NLCS to go to the World Series last year.  It was ring day and the ceremony was done with class, mixed with a little bit of awesome. As I watch player after player receive their rings, I couldn’t help but to feel a strong sense of pride being a Giants fan.  It was a perfect ceremony and I couldn’t have been more pleased to share that movement with thousands of Giants fans at AT&T Park.

For those of you who have been to AT&T, Park you know that its one of baseballs best parks.  The scenery is beautiful, the food is delicious (garlic fries are a must!!), the field is well kept, theres not a bad seat in the house, and there are plenty of amenities to keep people content.  Now, I’ve only been to a few ballparks in my day, but in my opinion, the Giants have the best facility in all of professional sports.

Bold statement, I know.  But where else in professional sports can you hit a ball into the Pacific Ocean? I mean that’s just America at its finest.

 In addition to being a great place for Giants players to play and fans to watch, AT&T was a critical ingredient in the recent success for the Giants franchise. Towards the end of the 80’s attendance at the iconic Candlestick Park were dismal, and if not for the construction of AT&T Park, the Giants were considering leaving San Francisco.  AT&T saved the Giants from leaving the Bay area and helped build one of baseballs largest and most loyal fan base.   Even when the Giants have bad years, AT&T is constantly packed.

San Francisco truly owns a gem in AT&T Park and I recommend going to a game anytime you’re in The City.  Do you guys have any stories from AT&T Park? I’d love to here them.  Feel free to drop comments below.  Until then, enjoy this beautiful picture of the festivities and check me out on Twitter @JCConway1IMG_1478


2 thoughts on “San Francisco Knows How to do Baseball

  1. Where is your ring? I was sitting right down below you. I guess we brought bad luck to Cain. two conways in one park was too much for the horse.

    • That’s awesome that you were sitting right below me. How great was the ring ceremony?? I loved it. And sorry we couldn’t get together. I was down there with the girlie and we had a lot of activities planned for a short 2 days. I think I’m heading down again soon, we should definitely try to get together.

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