San Francisco and Seattle Have the NFL’s Best Rivalry–Believe it!

121017-sea-sf-600Three years ago, if I were to tell you that the NFC West would be one of footballs best divisions, you would have called me crazy—and you still might.  Unlike three years ago, the NFC West is now a beast of a division with some of the leagues most talented young teams.  Just as the NFC West continues to emerge as the NFL’s best division, so too has the rivalry between San Francisco and Seattle emerged as one of football’s greatest rivalries to watch.

Lets get one thing straight, these teams really don’t like each other—not one bit. This distain for one another is felt by both the players and the head coaches. It has been well documented that Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll are not the biggest fans of one another. This bad blood goes all the way back to Harbaugh’s days with Stanford and Carroll’s days with USC in the Pac 12, where Jim opted for a 2-point conversion even though his team was up by 27 points. Since then, things haven’t gotten any rosier between the two.  In fact, in last years game up in Seattle—after a Seahawks blowout–in was reported that Jim and Pete exchanged a few pleasantries in the parking while Jim’s team entered the team bus.

628x471This rivalry isn’t just all about the coaches, however. In my opinion, it’s about the players.  Both teams love to hit the snot out of each other and fortunately for both teams and fans alike, the Seahawks and 49ers claim two of the leagues most prolific defensive staffs.  Every time these two teams get together the result is the same—really really hard hitting.  These two teams know how to lay the wood and one cant help to think while watching these games that someone is going to eventually leave in a body bag. As a football fan, one cant ask for anything more then what these two teams produce in terms of hard nose, hit you in the mouth, hitting.  It’s a true pleasure to watch.

Adding fuel to this fire is the newfound rivalry between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.  Both have similar quarterbacking styles, both have proven to be big-game players, and both have a bright future.  But who is better?  Ill leave that up for you to decide. But what I will say is that both add a dynamic threat to their respective offense and both are capable of producing the kind of legendary games fans expect from a good rivalry—see Troy Aikman and Steve Young. This rivalry is the best because of defense, but even more promising when these two young generals are on the field.

As always, I would love to hear what you think.  What is your favorite rivalry game to watch?? Feel free to leave comments below or find me on Twitter @JCConway1.

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2 thoughts on “San Francisco and Seattle Have the NFL’s Best Rivalry–Believe it!

    • Im excited to watch these two teams play for the next few years. I grew up in Seattle as a Niners fan, but I at least appreciate the Seahawks and especially their fans. The fans make this rivalry great too.. Gotta love it

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