The First Rounds Finally Over. How’d Your Team Do?

It’s finally here!  The first round of the NFL draft was yesterday and the weeks of speculations can finally come to an end.  The NFL draft is truly a spectacle and every year it seems to grow in popularity.  I wish I could say that I don’t buy into all the hype, but I would be lying if I did. I’m always anxious to see whom my team picks up and love to play judge and jury their decisions.  This year’s first round played out much different then most years and was anything but normal. The NFC West made some great moves the division seems poised to be one of the best in 2013.  So, how did your team do?  Below are the highlights for all 4 teams in the NFC West for the first round of the 2013 draft.

NFL: Saint Louis Rams-Press ConferenceThe Arizona Cardinals started off the 1st rounds with one of the best picks in the entire draft.  Jonathan Copper from North Caroline is an absolute beats.  Being that Cardinals had one of the worst offensive lines last year it wasn’t surprising that they went with an offensive lineman in the first round.  Cooper is a hog , and I expect him to be a solid presence for the Cardinals for years to come on the offensive line.

The Seahawks decided to forgo the first round when they traded their 1st round pick to the Vikings for Percy Harvin back in March. Can say I blame them on this one.  If Harvin can stay healthy he is one of the most dynamic wide receivers and kick returners in the entire league.

The 49ers had a great move in the first round.  They had a huge need at safety after trading Deshawn Goldson to the Bengals earlier this offseason.  They found a solid replacement for Goldson in Eric Reid from LSU.  Reid is a versatile safety who has a nose for the ball and fits well with the 49ers physical defense.  I’m excited to see how the Niners staff develops Reid over the summer and expect him to contribute early on next seasons.

Finally, we have the St Louis Rams.  The Rams make some serious moves in the first round and traded picks with the Buffalo Bills to acquire Travon Auston from West Virginia. In my opinion this was one of the best moves of the entire first round.  Austin is a stud. He’s fast, has great hands, and most importantly, he has a great work ethic.  The kid loves football and has the tools to be great. Tavon will e fun to watch over the next few years and he provides a devastating weapon for Sam Bradford and the Rams offense.

What did you guys think of the first round of the draft?? Who made the best moves?? BE sure to leave your comments below.

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