This Year’s Draft Winners Are Both From The NFC West

usp-nfl_-2013-nfl-draft_020-3_4_r536_c534Three days, hours of coverage, and months of speculations are finally over as the NFL Draft comes to a close tonight.   This draft was much different then most.  For one thing, there have never been as many offensive linemen drafted in the first round as in the 2013 draft.  On the other hand, the first two rounds saw only a few quarterbacks taken which is contrary to the status quo in the quarterback happy NFL. Nonetheless, as different as this draft was, there were still winners and losers

I know I’m somewhat biased, but I can’t help to think the NFC West was the overall winner in this year’s draft.  Got to give credit to all 4 teams GM’s , scouts and head coaches. I felt like every team filled the gaps in their roster terrifically and in most cases improved their overall position as a team.  The bottom line in the NFC West is going to be competitive and physical.  It will be exciting to watch this division in 2013 because all 4 teams have the talent to put on a show.

Not only did the NFC West kill it in this years draft, the two bet overall draft selections belong to two NFC West teams.  The San Francisco 49ers made some awesome picks, particularly with on the defensive side of the ball.  The Niners seemed to fill every hole they had.  The sleeper pick of the draft in my opinion will be Marcus Latimore from South Carolina.  I like this pick a lot. Latimore, as everyone knows has a devastating leg injury last season but the NIners don’t need him right away. They can redshirt Latimore essentially, wait for him to get healthy and then incorporate him into the offense.  The reason I like this pick is because anyone who knows anything about Frank Gore’s knee injury in college will tell you that players can come back from those kinds of injuries and be productive—and in Frank’s case a hall of famers.  Latimore has a great work ethic and reminds me a lot of Gore in terms of attitude and running style. It might be a while, but I can’t wait to see Latimore in action.

hi-res-156645895_crop_650x440The overall winners however, are the St Louis Rams.  The Rams had an awesome first round and were somehow able to steal Tavon Austin by trading picks with the Bills.  If you have ever watched this kid play, you know why I think he’s one of the best picks in the draft.  Austin is electric and adds a huge dimension to the Rams offense. He specialized is making space on screen passes and is a true game changer.  The Rams were also able to fill gaps on their offensive line. St Louis will be able to put a solid team on the field all the way around in 2013 after this years draft.  The pressure is now on Sam Bradford to perform. Bradford has all the help he needs and if they fail to win, much of the blame will undoubting be place on him.

What do you guys think? Who was this years NFL draft winners? Feel free to leave your opinions and thoughts below.  Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter @JCConway1

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