About JC

My name is JC Conway and I am currently an MBA student at the University of Nevada. Throughout my experiences at UNR I have developed many skills that set me apart from my peers. One of the most prominent skills that I have developed is the ability to lead a group of my peers in order to obtain a common goal.

My skills were developed through my experience playing competitive sports from age 7 to age 20. In high school I lettered in both football and baseball three times, and received 2nd-Team All Northern Nevada in both my junior and senior years. I spent most of my young adult life being a team player and working with others. After high school, I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to play competitive baseball at the collegiate level. As a member of a team, I learned how to set and obtain goals through the collective efforts of team members as well as myself. More importantly, I learned how to motivate, galvanize, and lead my team in order to reach our common goals.

The lessons I have learned throughout my athletic career are transferable to my life, my career, and my personal relationships. I consider myself am expert on working as a team and being a leader, and hope to one day display these skills in a professional setting.




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